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Things We Love

If you're looking to get your first board, or looking to enhance your experience, look no further! The items we recommend we have personally vouched for and can recommend confidently! Note: We do get a small commission if you use our links to purchase the products. They don't cost anymore for you though!

Inflatable Paddleboards

While there are many different brands to choose from, we personally (and professionally) love Glide. They have several different options to choose from, including a yoga board, and a fishing board, so a variety to suit your needs!

glide retros

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We love our Bombora inflatable PFDs! They look like a fanny pack but are US Coast Guard approved as a Type V PFD.


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Electric Pump

While your inflatable paddleboard will likely come with a manual pump, we highly recommend getting an electric one. This is the one we use and love.

SUP Pump

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Portable Battery

If you’re traveling with your inflatable board, or have multiple, a portable battery is useful and allows you to use an electric pump without your vehicle near by. It also will charge your phone! We like this one, we can usually pump up at least 2 boards on a full charge.

battery pack

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We wear sunscreen every time we go out to paddle! Our favorite is a mineral sunscreen that’s Reef Safe. While we aren’t usually paddling in the ocean, we like to be able to without destroying the coral reefs.

We’ve tested a lot over the years, and have found one we consistently like and are able to find…Blue Lizard!

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Whether you’re doing SUP Yoga or just want to chill on the lake without drifting, we’ve got the anchor for you!

Our preference is an 8 lb mushroom anchor. 8 lbs will anchor you in most bodies of water, even if they have a little bit of current. Mushroom anchors are less likely to get stuck AND it has holes in it to drain the water and dirt.



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Dry Bag

Our favorite dry bag by far has been the Yeti Sidekick! It comes in several size (we usually use the 3L) and has a magnetic closure…which is our favorite part! If you have it open and a big wave comes…it will automatically close if you drop it!

Dry bag

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Water Bottle

Don’t forget your water! We have tested a LOT of water bottles, and have found we really like straws. The Owala has a built in straw, but you’re also able to “chug” if you prefer that! The Owala FreeSip also has a lid, protecting your straw from lake or river water and dirt. They also have fun colors!

water bottle

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Our favorite towels are Sand Cloud beach towels. They come in a lot of fun designs (we like the mermaid one!) and sizes. They are soft, absorbent, and don’t attract sand! We use these as both towels, blankets, places to sit, and even table cloths. They are versatile, fun, and long lasting!


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Phone Tether

Most smart phones nowadays are waterproof (to a certain extent, and double check your phone specs!). And we don’t like using the plastic case while taking photos, so we use a phone tether instead of a dry bag. We do know this is riskier, but for us it’s worth it to get the best photos of you possible! If we end up getting in the water (intentionally), we will put it in our dry bag.

Here’s the one we use and recommend.

Phone tether

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Cup Holder

Now we occasionally like to bring a cup of coffee on our sunrise paddles (it’s the perfect way to start the day!) and a cupholder is a nice addition to your board. These cupholders will simply go on your bungees and you’ll have a stable place to store your cup! SUP Cup

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Sunglass Strap

Don’t be a victim to the water stealing your sunglasses. We’ve seen many $300 Raybands fall in, and it’s always a bit sad. Use a sunglass strap to prevent it!

We like this one because it’s light weight, not bulky, and you can tighten it.

Sunglass Strap

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River Fin

Normal fins, that come with our boards, are about 8 – 10 inches long…which is not great for shallow rivers like the Green! We use this River Fin when we do the Green River which allows us to pass through shallow areas with our hitting ground!

River Fin

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We can’t forget swimsuits! We almost exclusively wear Cannonball Swimwear. They are local (to Louisville), handmade, and woman owned! Our favorite for paddleboarding is the Sport Tank or the Yoga Tank and then a rashguard for additional sun protection!


Click on the photo to take you to Cannonball Swimwear’s site.