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Intro to Paddleboarding

Never paddled before? This class is for you!

Dive into the paddleboarding scene with our laid-back “Intro to Paddleboarding” session at Endless Summer Paddle Company. Forget the jargon; we’ll break it down on dry land first. Spend a breezy 15-20 minutes getting cozy with your board and paddle—the basics, nothing fancy. Then, take the plunge into the water for a chill 1.5 hour practice. Don’t worry, standing up is optional (seriously, no pressure). You can paddle like a pro or cruise on your knees; it’s your call. While you’re at it, soak in the chill vibes of the Kentucky sun and the laid-back scenery – trees, water, maybe a fish or two. This isn’t a serious Olympic trial; it’s more like a paddle playground with a side of goofiness. Beginners, we got you covered, and laughter is absolutely allowed. So, come on down, try not to take it too seriously, and let’s paddle into some good times together!

Learn Paddle Basics

  • Unlock the art of paddleboarding with a session dedicated to the essentials. You’ll grasp the basics of board control, paddle maneuvers, and water dynamics, setting the stage for your paddling journey.

Casual ‘Land School’

  • Our laid-back ‘land school’ ensures you’re comfy on dry land before hitting the water. No need for a PhD in paddleboarding—just kick back, relax, and absorb the basics with a touch of humor.

No Pressure Standing

  • Feel the freedom—standing up is optional! No judgment here; paddle like a pro or cruise on your knees. It’s your call, and we promise, the water’s just as refreshing either way.

Scenic Natural Beauty

  • Immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural scenery as you paddle. Picture lush greenery, gentle waves, and the chill vibe of the Kentucky sun—the perfect backdrop for your adventure.

Good Vibes Guaranteed

  • Expect positive vibes and a sense of accomplishment that lasts. Whether you’re conquering paddleboarding for the first time or adding to your repertoire, our tour promises good times and great memories on the water.

Note: If you don’t see a date, time, or location that fits your needs, contact us to learn more about our Private Sessions! All classes are led by a certified SUP Instructor.