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During this two-hour session participants will learn the basics of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and have the opportunity to put those skills into action on the water. The session begins with 15 – 20 minutes of ‘land school’ where participants will learn the basics of the board, the paddle, elementary paddle strokes, and the dynamics of being on the board in the water. Next the group will move to the water for 30 minutes of skill building. Participants will be able to work at any level. The rest of the time will be spent in a group paddle to enjoy the beauty of the site’s natural scenery. All of our basic SUP sessions are tailored to meet the needs of participants. More experienced groups will move quickly through land school and skill work on the water to have more time in the group paddle.


Ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? If so, SUP yoga is the class for you! During this 90 minute session designed for all levels of yoga practitioners and paddlers, participants will get a quick introduction to paddling on the water and then hit the water to travel to our yoga location. We will anchor the boards to keep them steady as the instructor guides the group through a 60 minute yoga practice. The balance required to practice yoga on paddle boards highlights the necessity of core and muscle integration. SUP yoga provides a unique opportunity to practice in a natural setting.


This three-hour immersion will combine our basic SUP and SUP yoga classes into one long adventure! The class begins with all of the same components as basic SUP to get participants acquainted to being and paddling on the water. After a group paddle, participants will move into a 60 minute yoga practice. The class will conclude with a guided relaxation on the boards. There’s nothing more relaxing than water below and the blue sky above.


This event gives our community the opportunity to come together and do what we love best: paddling! We ask that participants have prior paddling experience or have completed a basic SUP session. All the necessary gear (boards, paddles, lifejacket) is provided for these outings, just show up ready to paddle! These events will occur in a variety of locations and offer participants the opportunity to experience a diversity of natural settings. We will be offering full moon paddles, Friday floats with music, and trips down the Ohio.